Unlike enforcement, there are three (3) different teams responsible for complain addressing at the nation level i.e. Greater Banjul Area (GBA). The teams are internally called ‘Roving Team’ sometimes refer to as rapid respond team. It is called ‘Roving or Rapid Respond’ since some of the complaint requires urgent action. In addition, each team on schedule date will roving around particularly in the major settlements where environmental concerns are eminent. It has to be noted that, complaints received in the Agency are registered in an archive called ‘Complaint Bureau’. Vital information such as ‘Complainant Name, Address, Contact, and Nature of complaint’ are recorded in the cited bureau.
At the national level, there are three (3) the teams comprises of two (2) inspectors and each team is schedule on a day including Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. At the regional level, inspectors are responsible for complaint addressing